Ontario Cider Week: Niagara’s Shiny Apple Cider a gluten-free and vegan delight

Shiny Apple Cider by Small Talk Vineyards, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

Shiny Apple Cider by Small Talk Vineyards, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

In honour of Ontario Cider Week – on this week (May 30 to June 6, 2015) – there’s no better time to feature one of Niagara’s best kept secrets – Shiny Apple Cider.

Made at Small Talk Vineyards, a family-owned winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., Shiny Apple Cider is a gluten-free and vegan craft cider made from 100% Ontario fruit. Its flagship cider is currently available in the LCBO, while two other ciders are available only at the Small Talk winery – a vibrant and quaint boutique winery worth visiting if you’re in Niagara.

Here’s a little more about the ciders:

Shiny Apple Cider – This crisp, dry cider begins with a green apple flavour and ends with a taste of pear with a spicy kick to it. Enjoy this drink on the patio in the summer heat. ABV 7%.

Shiny Apple Cider avec Pinot Noir – Cider “with a twist.” A sparkling wine and cider blend with a full apple complexity and notes of strawberry, plum and candied fruit. This premium cider is 20% Pinot Noir and has an ABV of 8%.

Shiny Apple Cider Oak Aged – This French oak-aged cider is designed to create vanilla and baked-apple characteristics that you can definitely taste. This is a great choice for those who enjoy drinking chardonnay. With a slightly higher ABV of 8.5%, this cider can be enjoyed with heavier foods such as pork loin with a fruit sauce.

Shiny Apple Cider will have a tasting booth at the upcoming Niagara VegFest, happening Sunday, June 7, 2015 in downtown St. Catharines. Check them out there or head over to Small Talk Vineyards for some cans or growlers. (In the meantime, watch these cool behind-the-scenes videos from Shiny Apple Cider.)

For more on Shiny Apple Cider and Small Talk Wines, visit shinyapplecider.com and smalltalkvineyards.com.

Twitter – @ShinyAppleCider | @SmallTalkWines
Instagram – @ShinyAppleCider | @SmallTalkWines
Facebook – Shiny Apple Cider | Small Talk Winery

Cassie Storring, Guest Author



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